Vibes/fex Toys can be expensive and there's a good reason for that!

Have you ever browsed vibrators or sex toys casually or with an intention to buy? At one moment you get all hyped up about it, and in the other, you lose all enthusiasm as soon as your eyes get a glimpse of the price. Right? It's natural.

The amount seems like it is going to drill a hole in your pocket.


The question as to why it is so expensive must have crossed your mind. You don't have to go looking for it, we'll serve you the answer right here.

Many e-commerce websites sell lower priced products that looks good to eyes but are not really right for you. Here the listed points you should take care of before you make any such purchase.

Body Safe - The Utmost Priority

Go for a sex toy that is made up of Medical Grade Silicone or 100% Body Safe Silicone, it's as simple as that cuz its expensive material in its own. Silicone-made sex toys or vibrators are softer and more flexible. This is the only type of silicone that can be used inside the body.

Beware of cheap silicone or fake silicone, their label might say "silicone" but it might not be what you think. If you take a closer look, you might find that they are made up of jelly rubber, synthetic latex rubber, polyvinyl chloride, etc., which are harmful to the body.

Non-Porous & Easy To Clean

Sex toys or vibrators should not emit toxins and must be non-porous. The ones that are porous welcome unhealthy bacteria which can turn into infections.

Non-porous ones have a smooth surface which makes them water-resistant, easy to clean, quick to dry, and less habitable for bacteria.

Dig Deeper into Technical Aspects

Sex toys or vibrators have evolved over the years, if you compare what we had back in the day with what we have now, you'll be surprised. We are fortunate enough to enjoy the advanced versions which are highly user-friendly and safe to use.

For eg., today sex toys or vibrators are more high-tech or call them sex-tech, embodying dozens of patterns of vibration and pulsation and on top of that, they're USB rechargeable, magnetic or DSC.

It's worth it, believe us!

Your sexual satisfaction and pleasure matters. Let not that take a backseat in your life. Indulge in self-love by investing in a high-quality sex toys or vibrators to experience never-before kind of pleasure and better orgasms.

Let's not forget to mention what this beautiful sexual wellness content creator Leeza Mangaldas said at last of her speech after winning Cosmo India Bloggers Award 2022 'More orgasms for everyone'. So you better make a right choice and have some big-O the way you like it. ;)

Sex toys or vibrators are expensive because of mentioned reasons above to make them safe and healthy for your use. Imagine putting something toxic inside your body just to save a few pennies, you definitely will regret it later. Why go through all the pain when you have better options.

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Consider it as a long-term investment that gives you a return in kind and most importantly the right kind of pleasure your body needs.

Stay Bold, Stay Sassiest!

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